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Banner and Poster Design Company Kolkata

Graphizona Graphics and Technology solutions is a Zone of banner design in kolkata and poster design in kolkata, providing you with new and innovative ideas on designing and creating your banners and posters that would properly depict your business goals to your customers, through online or off-line communication mediums.
Banner design can be used as a mode of advertisements for your business, at street levels or interactive indivisible levels, to popularize your brand or business.
Poster design is generally a graphical way of advertisements about your business at a larger scale, like mass wall posters or single hording posters, to attract people towards your business.

“Quality Banner and Poster, leads to Increased Participation”

The types of Banner and Poster Designs that Graphizona provides are :

Static Banner Design Company India

Static Banner

These banners are of the simplest types, consisting of only simple graphics and texts. These can be displayed online, or printed off-line.

Flash Banner

These banners are advanced animated, using flash technology. These banner design are suitable for online advertisements, like s a header or footer image on your business website.

Flash Banner Design Company Kolkata
Animated Banner Design Company Kolkata

Animated GIF Banner

These banners are simple animated images, in GIF format, that can be displayed on your website or digital hoarding systems.

Roll-Up Poster

These posters are comparatively large sized posters, commonly A0 size is used, to place it on big walls or as stage backgrounds.

Rollup Poster Design Kolkata
Modular Poster Design Kolkata

Modular Poster

TThese posters are multi-paged posters, pinned together, providing details at different levels. These re useful for notice boards, circulars, etc.

Digital Posters

These types of poster design are not printed, but digitally projected or displayed. These are very useful for online advertisements.

Digital Poster Design Kolkata

Our zone of developers at Graphizona Graphics and Technology Solutions are very experienced at designing and developing banners and posters, both for online and off-line purposes, to promote your business. We provide the services at the lowest budget.

Why To Choose Graphizona?



We provide high-end graphic designs for banners and posters.


We helps you to design banner and posters for both online and off-line use.


We provide relevant contents for your advertisements.

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