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October 52017

motherbox worlds first true wireless charger graphizona

"Mother Box : World’s First True Wireless Charger"
Mother Box is the world’s first true wireless charger with the capability of charging multiple devices at a time.

October 32017

data science working with huge amount of data graphizona blogs

"Data Science : Working with huge amount of data"
Data science is the combinational discipline techniques for working with very huge amounts of data at a time.

September 282017

cloud computing technology to store and share data easily

"Share and store data easily with the Cloud Computing Technology"
Cloud Computing is the technology of the future that enables the users to easily store and share data to almost any location.

September 182017

cheetah robot latest robotics project graphizona graphics technology

"Beware! Advancement in Robotics is leading to Robot Cheetah"
Cheetah robot is the latest robotics project under development by the Boston Robotics currently owned by Google X

AUGUST 212017

latest android version 8 oreo graphizona blogs

"Switch to the Latest Android Version and utilize your mobiles full features"
Android is one of the best version of mobile operating system being developed and released by google for almost all portable devices.


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