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August 32017

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"Still think Star Wars droids are just fiction objects, we already own such similar technologies"
Robotics is the combination of the branches of engineering and science including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and many more branches. This combinational technology is used for research and development of machines that can be used as a substitute for human beings. Robotic technology is not only limited, as it is being used to perform several dangerous activities that endangers human lives, like bomb defusing, mine detection, and many more.
R2-D2 is the semi-humanoid robot that has been featured in the popular movie series “Star Wars”. But, several fiction-based technologies do exist. Starting from the informative bots that provides information’s to the users, to the artificial intelligence that can perform tasks like surgical operation or flying a plane (auto-pilot mode). Robotic technology has advanced and those fiction-based gadgets and robots have now not been just the movie stuffs anymore.
  The basic difference between a Droid and a Robot lies in the manner of their functionality. As robots simply follow their master’s commands, but droids have their own intelligence system that can automatically decide what to do next. The droids are nothing, but an addition of Artificial Intelligence to a robot. Several researches have been going on to upgrade the AI systems and make them fully compatible with a robotic humanoid body functionality.

Many semi-droid systems have already been introduced to perform some of the human’s complex tasks that humans lack full potential to perform or their actions leads to ignorant mistakes. Some of them are listed below, along with the comparison to the “Star Wars” movie series fiction droids –

1) Protocol Droids – These droid’s purpose were to guide and suggest others to follow protocols have something similar in today’s world with a robotic-droid that can analyze and suggest appropriate solutions to the problem or the situation.protocol droids graphizona
2) Driving Droids – Not like the movie having a complete robotic driver, we have Intelligent cars to serve the same purpose in today’s world.driving droids graphizona
3) Medical Droids – As shown in the movie, the droids are performing complete surgery, but in today’s world, the robotic droids have to be guided and monitored by a human.medical droids graphizona
4) Scout Droids – In today’s world, we have something similar flying drones that can fly on their own, scout an area, as well as can be ordered to attack.scout probes graphizona
5) Astromech Droids – In the movie, these droids could move independently and were used as information collector. In today’s world, we have similar information collection systems in the satellites.astromech droids graphizona
  Many new researches and developments are being carried out by the scientists to upgrade the existing technologies and make them more favorable to the human purpose. With the pace of its advancement, the day is not far, when robotic droids may take over the human race completely.

Written By Subrata Debnath
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