Sony Pet Project AIBO

November 72017

sony pet project aibo

"The days of robotic pet are going to be back soon with Sony."

Sony Corporation, being a well known and highly reputed multinational company that is situated in Tokyo, is also involved in robotic developments. The company is one of the leading manufacturers for electronic devices and products. It is also involved in the developments and marketing’s of several well known gaming entertainment and financial services throughout the world. The company was initially founded on 7th May in the year of 1946 in Japan by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita.

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aibo robots sony

Sony has been involved in robotics research and developments since the year 1999 with the project named as AIBO, which stands for Artificial Intelligence Robot. This involved a series of robotic pets that were essentially targeted for the consumer’s consumption for entertainment purposes and some basic other domestic purposes. The robotic pets of this AIBO series have also been used many video cinemas, music videos and also featured in advertising campaigns as a symbol and resemblance of being a futuristic icon.

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Prototyped Models –

  1. Six-Legged Insect
  3. 2-Wheeled Rolling Module

First Generation Models –

  1. ERS-110
  2. ERS-111

Second Generation Models –

  1. ERS-210
  2. ERS-300
  3. ERS-311 Latte
  4. ERS-312 Macaron
  5. ERS-311B / 312B, ERS-311B / X
  6. ERS-220
  7. ERS-210A / 220A

Third Generation Models –

  1. ERS-7
  2. ERS-7M2
  3. ERS-7M3
  4. QRIO

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best aibo robots

The consumable robotic dog ERS-7 version that was being released as the final robotic product by the Sony Corporation back in the late year of 2005 became very popular among the customers. But at that time, the company was facing some financial and manufacturing problems, which finally lead to the dismissing the AIBO project and all related assets and liabilities as well. Then in the year of 2006, AIBO was included to the Carnegie Mellon University Robot Hall of Fame, by giving AIBO the title of being the most sophisticated product ever for the regular and other consumers.

Sony Corporations even after stopping the development processes of their robotic pets, the company continued to provide repairing services and customer supports to the customers until July of the year 2014. As of this day, the company has not started or initiated any further development in the robotic section. Till this day, after 2004, the AIBO communities and fan clubs continued providing helps to the customers in the long run, on personal levels.

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But according to the latest sources and rumors that have widely been in the market for some time now assures that the Sony Corporation has been working on some new robotic projects for quite some time and the company will be introducing and sharing the detailed information’s with the whole world in a press conference in the coming month of November, 2017. As the company sold an estimated 1,50,000 AIBO’s between the years of 1999 till 2006, any new robotic invention or development is expected to be greatly welcomed back by the electrical markets and customers.

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