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September 182017

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"Beware! Advancement in Robotics is leading to Robot Cheetah"
Boston Robotics is one of the best Engineering and Robotics design company that ha been founded in the year 1992, and is completely owned by Softbank Group Corporation. The main headquarter of this company is in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States. The company is very well know for their development of Big-Dog quadruped robot that has been specially designed for the US Military and the DI-Guy software that is used for realistic human simulation purpose.

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The manager and the president of Boston Robotics is Marc Raibert. He is serving the company from the time of the company’s foundation and is still continued to serve till 2013. Then in the year of 2013, the company was been acquired by one of the alphabet Incorporation divisions of Google, the Google X .

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One of the most recent developmental introduction is the Cheetah Robot. This robot has been designed as the name suggests, like a cheetah animal, with four legs and can attain a sprinting speed of 28.3 mph. This project by Boston Robotics is still in it’s development phase and testing’s have been done on indoor trade-mills only.

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This robotic project still lacks a lot of features which the developers are working to implement and fix.
Some of the drawbacks of this project in current times are as follows -
1) No turnings – The present version status of the robot suggests that it lacks the ability to make or take sharp turn immediately which makes it less effective for real-life action.
2) Off-Board Power – The cheetah robot have to powered externally which makes it not suitable for testing on real roads or for long-distance runs, not even for testing.
3) Wind Resistance – the robot has not yet been tested outdoors, this makes the developers and designers less aware of how it is going to react while operating with the forces of nature alongside proving it’s true capabilities.

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Besides some of the mentioned drawbacks, this Cheetah Robot is assumed to prove itself to be the fastest and one of the best robots systems of it’s kinds. It is the modified and upgraded version of the Big-Dog robotic project but with the most recent and updated tools and equipment’s to meet the speed and other needs. It is estimated that the day isn’t far when this cheetah project robot will be able to attain the speed of a real cheetah or even more.

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Not only the hardware, the software that is being used in this project’s system is top of it’s class. With the advancement in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, and along with the modern sensor set of hardware’s, the robot is being made able to detect, track or operate as it will be instructed to, mostly by itself, and with the help of a very few human commands or guidance.

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With the rate of improvements being done to the Cheetah Robot project, the developing team at Boston Robotics are certain that it won’t take much longer for the project to attain it’s expectation marks. The team are working at their best to make it happen, keeping all the odds in mind and upgradations of the lacking’s on track.

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