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AUGUST 12017

face mapping replacer graphizona blogs

"Want your face to be as the game’s character, use face mapping and replacer."
Face replacer or mapping is a process of generating and animating a virtual face from a real-life face.

AUGUST 12017

fake image finder graphizona blogs

"Doubted about the originality of an image, get it checked with Fake Finder Algorithm."
Fake Finder is an algorithm that uses the shadow data from any image or photo to analyze whether the image is fake or not.

AUGUST 32017

meteor framework graphizona blogs

"Want to design android or ios apps, but don’t have coding knowledge, Meteor can help you get your graphical ideas to reality with ease"
Meteor is a completely free and open-source isomorphic java-script web-based framework, is written using Node,js and supports cross-platform deployments.


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