Cloud Computing : Technology to store and share data easily.

September 282017

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"Share and store data easily with the Cloud Computing Technology"
Cloud Computing is an IT (Information Technology) model that enables ubiquitous access to shared varieties of data that can be easily and rapidly provisioned using minimal amount of management efforts, usually over the internet network.

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Cloud Computing technology allows the users and the companies with many computing capabilities of storing and processing data on either a privately owned cloud network or on a third-party cloud server located in some data centre, hence making the mechanism of accessing data more efficient along with increased reliability. This technology hugely relies on resource sharing methods for achieving economy of scale and data coherence, that can be compared to a utility program.

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Cloud computing has many characteristic features, some of the most highlighted ones are listed as follows –
1) The organizations adaption to changes should be fast and easy and should be improved, as cloud computing increases the user’s flexibility with the increase in infrastructure resource.
2) Reductions of costs are claimed by the cloud providers.
3) Independence of device and location enables users to access systems using a web browser, instead of their location or the device.
4) Cloud computing applications are easy to manage, as everything is being handled by the server system.
5) Sharing of resources and cost across a large count of users enabling multi-tenancy.
6) Cloud performance issues are monitored and managed by the IT professionals from the service provider’s end.
7) Resource pooling serves multiple consumers using a multi-tenant model.
8) Productivity is highly increased as multiple users can be working on the same data simultaneously.
9) With the use of multiple redundant sites, reliability is highly improved.
10) Security can also be hugely improved due to the centralization of data, focusing generally on the security-focused resources.

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Cloud Computing also allows companies to easily avoid or minimize their up-front IT infrastructure cost at the setting-up time, as well as the third-party cloud service providers enables organizations to focus on the companies core businesses more, instead of expending resources on computer infrastructure or it’s maintenance.

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Cloud Computing is the technology that matches the requirements and the advanced needs of the modern IT users. With the use of such, a user or developer can easily share data among various geographical locations, but having only a single server system for processing the data, enhancing the data security, integrity, independence, and many more factors.

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