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August 212017

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"Switch to the Latest Android Version and utilize your mobiles full features"
Android being one of the most popular operating system for the Smartphone and Tablets by google, its Android 8.0 version very soon.
This version has been released on 21st August 2017 what the name of Android o, where O will represent a desert name, the most popular guess suggest android Oreo. This version will be initially released on the google pixel, google Nexus and Android One mobile smartphone.

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This version of Android O has included several new features like the following-

1. Octopus Easter Egg - Google has added an eight legged floating creature to their Android version logo in this settings.
2. New boot screen for pixel devices - A new boot screen has been introduced for the pixel devices by Google that quotes " powered by Google" along with a colourful G Logo.
3. Restricting app overlay - Google has made the option available for their operating system users so that they can control what notifications to be shown while there using another application, manually.
4. Adaptive notification dots - A dotted notation will be added to the application icon if any notifications has arrived for that particular application.
5. Performance - The overall performance of the Android UI has been usage.
6. Bug fix - This version of Android has included a numerous fixes to previous known bugs including the camera app delay being reported in the previous versions of Android.
7. Fonts - Mini new set of fonts have been added to the Android 8.0 UI system.
8. Icons - Completely new set of icons have been introduced with modification options like resize and all.

Many advanced and new features have also been added to Android 8.0 that can help the user to operate the Smartphone and other Android based devices with more ease and flexibility. android 8 oreo graphizona
The Android 8.0 version is assumed to be the one of the best Android versions that is introduced to the Android family by Google, over time. User's are really going to enjoy this release version and make more use of their android system to more extent.

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