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August 272017

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"Need to transfer data, but worried about it, choose torrent technology"
The Torrent Technology is also termed as a peer-to-peer file sharing system. This system allows users to easily share very big sized files over the internet. This technology is not very new but has been one of most used technology for generations. Sharing of huge files to distant locations can be a challenge through the regular mode of data transfer, but with the proper use of the torrent technology, it makes the task way easier.

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This technology requires a torrent client or a software that is required to download the torrent files from the network connections. This software application can also be used to share a particular set of data, not depending on the total size, by creating a torrent file that can further be shared with the other users who are willing to have or download the particular set of data files from the sender’s computer system.
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A torrent file is a small informative file that contains a set of information that the downloading users system uses to recognize the particular file and carry out the further operations. Some of the information’s are as follows –
1. Torrent Name – The title of the torrent provided by the user and a uniquely generated binary code that has been assigned to this particular torrent file, by the creating mechanism like a torrent client software.
2. Torrent Size – The total size of all the files that are to be packed under this particular torrent file, an overall size of all the files.
3. Torrent Total Packets – The count of the total number of uniquely identified packets or blocks that would be created by the host system while transmitting the set of files using this particular torrent file.
4. System Details – The details of the particular system that the torrent has been created and the files exists, along with the digital signatures that are required by the downloading system to identify the host system and establish a connection to it.
The torrent technology is very useful for companies and organizations who shares their huge amounts of data’s to some other locations. Some of the highlighted features of torrent technology and a torrent file are as follows –
1. Speed – Downloading a torrent file ensures high speed of data fetching from multiple stations that have the same torrent files and are active at the moment.
2. Reliability – This technology ensures the highest level of data reliability as the transfer is done serially, and the data is double checked after the receiver has received each of the data packets.
3. Smoothness – The huge amount of data are transferred in small packets which makes the transmission process way smoother that transferring the complete data at the same time.
4. Activeness – As this follows a point-to-point connection protocol for data transmission, systems at both ends have to be actively connected to the sharing medium or network, at the same time.
5. Security – The transmission of data is completely secured and ensures very less chances of data error or misuse by any other unauthorized system.

While downloading a torrent by a user on a computer system, at-least 1 another system having the same set of files as the ones specified in the torrent file have to be active at the moment for the downloader to continue downloading the particular torrent file. torrent-technology-4-graphizona
So, the torrent technology was basically designed for sharing huge amounts of data to almost any geographical location on this planet, through a connected network or using the internet. But in today’s world, this technology is being used for several illegal transfers of data, mostly for piracy. The pirated data’s are now very easily available as the host systems (mostly hackers) are using advanced camouflage technology to hide their originality and openly sharing these data’s throughout the world , as there are a lot of torrent websites available on the internet.

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