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August 262017

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"Keep up your learning pace, or you’ll be left behind by machines"
Reinforcement Learning is the area of smart machines, where the machines are able to learn and recognize behaviours, actions, etc. based on their interactions with the real world humans, objects or situations.

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This technology can perform several tasks and actions without the requirement of human interactions, like collision detection, navigation, verification, selection, and many more. The problems that arises in this mechanism of automation are studied in many different and distinguished disciples, some of them can be listed as follows -

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# Game Theory
# Control Theory
# Operations Research
# Information Theory
# Simulation-based optimization
# Multi-agent Systems
# Swarm Intelligence
# Statistics
# Genetic Algorithm

For machine to learn, the environment is generated in Markov Decision Process (MDP) where several reinforcement learning algorithms utilizes their dynamic programming techniques to learn and cope-up with the provided environment. After several algorithm tests, the machine sorts out the successful, positive and possible ways for the work-around in the environment.
This technology has been in research for over a decade, with many positive and advancements over the time. It started with the testing of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the help of some groups of un-smart animals, giving them a particular set of environment to roam around and interact with, alongside teaching them the correct ways, and re-introducing them to the same environment over time to test how much they know and remember what to do in that environment.
In modern times, the best example of this technology can be found in the fields of games, the artificial intelligence codes that are used to program the characters, environment or any other intractable game environment object.

In today’s world this technology is being performed by the mechanical objects, also know as Artificial Intelligence by Robots or sets of computer system hardware’s. It can now be found performing very well in the fields as an Automatic Chess Player, Self-Driving Car, Surveillance Vehicle, etc. This technology is advancing at a huge pace, and human has already started using this in outer space travelling and research, as well.

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