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August 52017


"Safety, Security or Survialiance, Wireless security cameras are serving at the best"
Security has become one of the most crucial and must have initiative care part for every levels of individuals, companies, organizations, etc. Without proper security systems, a numerable loss may have to be faced in various manners, like theft, misuse, piracy, etc.
  As the security concerns have grown, so is the relative technology. Wireless Security Camera is one of the related gadgets that serves the very same purpose related to security aspects.
In today’s world, these Wireless Security Cameras are generally available in the two following types –
1) Analog Wireless Cameras – These cameras use the radio frequency to transmit their audio and video to and from the camera to receivers. Typically, the range is about 300 feet (90 meter) in any environment. Analog cameras generally support and makes use of three major frequency channels, 900MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. analog-wireless-camera-graphizona
The main advantage is that the camera cost is very low, and each camera can have multiple receivers. The main dis-advantage is that it is disturb-able through other electronic devices and only supports single way communication.
2) Digital Wireless Cameras – These cameras transmit their audio and video data of analog signal encoded in small digital packets over radio frequencies having very high bandwidth. The range is about 450 feet in any open space environment, having a clear line of sight between the camera and the receiver. digital-wireless-camera-graphizona
The main advantage is very high quality audio and video along with wider transmission range.
There is no notifiable disadvantage with this ranged models yet.

Some of the applications of these wireless security cameras and some suggestions of places where these can be used are –

1) Indoor Security Systems – Can be used to cover every corner of the house internally. indoor-security-systems-graphizona
2) Main Door Security System – Can be used as a door security for aged house personals. main-door-security-systems-graphizona
3) LAW Enforcements – Can be used to keep proper track on any suspected person or place and can be used to track and check whether traffic rules are being followed or not, by the cameras on the street lights or traffic signals. law-enforcement-camera-graphizona
4) Reconnaissance System – Can be used by military personals for observing an area or to locate an enemy or plan strategic features over an area. reconnaissance-system-graphizona

These wireless security cameras are very small and handy and are one of the best tools to be used against any crime or as female safety measures. As far as safety and security is concerned, these cameras are serving their purpose very well. A smartphone can also be used as a direct receiver for several models of wireless security camera.

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